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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 27, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 9:00. >>maureen: flooded streets and falling rocks cleanup continues in the bay area but these storms appear to pass. the tester could be on the rise, sunny days ahead. >> a word here in the weather center with brian, i am looking in could be there really is some silver lining? >> i think so. we are looking better for tomorrow and this coming week. are going to see the rain go away come to see lots of sunshine and much warmer temperatures. it we have rain of there for tonight however, mainly light rain and or sprinkles. it is making things what they're for this evening but nothing healthy like to scene. for getting the tail end of this system and to bring significant rain and snow
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to the of bay area for your reak got into oregon and into this here tonight where we have snow above 5,000 ft.. we are going to get a break for tomorrow and for this coming week after what has been a very wet week. rainfall totals for the past seven days have been between two and 3 in. in many locations. in fact, closed 6 in. of rain in some of the highest elevations of the santa cruz mountains close to 10 in. in the past seven days. that rainfall in a short period of time, has made for flooding problems as well as mudslides. now were going to get time for the ground is so can all the wet weather. it tomorrow clouds of the morning, mostly sunny and temperatures warming absolutely. upper 60s and low 60s for san francisco. mix 60s in san jose in concord. tuesday we have a week weather system that will brush the bay area, if we will see increasing clouds and maybe a couple
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sprinkles for the north bay. that's about it. at the temperatures will continue to warm to the '60s for ever but a close to 70 in san jose in concord. by end of the week we could be looking at '80s for the bay area. several areas are cleaning up after this week's storms. capitola one of the hardest- hit. the city council issued an emergency proclamation in the wake of to floods. for mobile homes were red tag, one of those was torn down this morning. second alert is scheduled to be demolished. the remaining trailers and mobile home parks have been yellow tag because they could be in danger. in downtown, mud from the flood is still visible on the streets. if sidewalk to the shopping district are full of water damage, merchandise, furniture and soggy carpets that have to be ripped out. if the client business and the so-called agusta in the
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villages at today's pop. so you can see everything was completely submerged. you can see where the floor is already starting to buckle. we are ripping out the carpet right now. i wished for hardwood floors and now i guess and going to get them. his chee >> have medical equipment that's very expensive. thousands and thousands of dollars i hope it's running and still good. he have to do with insurance companies, hopefully you're covered. i don't know how long i'm going to be closed. of course that isn't good because the economy has in so great. groping the surrounding community will support us. as soon as we get cleaned up the back to visit. >>vicki: it's estimated that 100 businesses were damaged during the flooding. we have a team coverage on how to communities are dealing
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with the cleanup which includes an evacuation order in san pablo. >>reporter: some evacuations are still in order here in san paulo, the fact that nobody has been hurt is good news. look behind me, you can see if there are still big problems. i want to show you this house. the folks who live here have not been evacuated, but look of the back porch in you concede that is something that could change. i should do the fence a minute ago, it is sideways and goes to this house right there. the folks in that house have been evacuated. everything is every which way. i want to show you those trees that you see in the distance. officials were busy cutting those trees today because they were leaning at home sitting house on the other side of those bushes. obviously, you have big problems for at least seven properties in the san paulo area. this is one of the reasons area officials have claimed this to be a local
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emergency. they did that today. is still sliding. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>reporter: here in alameda county just off of redwood road a mudslide has fallen in the southbound lane of this road. he could see those large boulders, rocks, debris even trees that have been rooted out of the soil. you can see this lighter color soil here is actually the reason mudslide activity that happened. up talk to the left, he could see the darker colored soil is actually from another mudslide that happened just a few days ago. even the pavement is still dirty from the clean up the crews had to do. for the wrong, you could see there's also a smaller landslide that happened on the shoulder. the main concern right now was obviously the s kerf where cars coming around not
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see this landslide. crews are on the scene getting ready to clean this up. in alameda county, kron 4 news. anytime >>vicki: you can catch us on tv catches on the click on the weather tab and find the most recent forecast by meteorologist brian or one of the other kron 4 broadcasters. authorities in vacaville are shut searching for someone who planted the car bombomb in a newspaper. kron 4 has more on what happened. >> explosion sent fragments over a block radius. some debris landed in neighbor's roads and sidewalks. it >> was very loud, >>reporter: neighbor steven lives a block away, he along with his daughter and niece ran over and saw the victim lying on his back in the
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driveway. >> you could talked on, she was alert to and responsive. i asked him what happened in the city came down to pick up the newspaper and it went off. >> the device was inside the paper. >> a person says they are investigating the motive, they aren't saying of the victim was intended target, they only see the blast was an isolated incident. the other explosives were found. they didn't evacuate the neighborhood for several hours. it's highly unusual having a bomb blew up the residential neighborhood for no reason. madam extremely unusual. >>reporter: said the victims and was severely injured, he was also bleeding from his leg and head. authorities say the man is expected to survive. the explosion happened shortly after 10:00 on this quiet street in vacaville. neighbors say the victim is in his late
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sixties or early '70s. in vacaville, kron 4 news. >>vicki: day more than 165,000 pg&e customers in california dealt with power outages. about of 2000 in marin, sonoma and monterey counties. crews did not determine the cause of the outage, though they did hit the power back on for just about all the customers. still little kron 4 news, republicans criticized the president over his actions on libya. a nuclear power plant in japan continues to deteriorate as another quick hits. if radiation is found in rainwater cash in the east coast. britney spears fans line up to see the pop star performer. we show you what design flavors: the cake for the royal wedding.
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marcel! [ male announcer ] don't miss a second of ncaa march madness with my multiview, only from at&t u-verse. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >>vicki: the began firing missiles over libya to force the united nations approved the no-fly zone. the mission has not been without
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criticism. here's barbara with this report. >>reporter: unusual sight in unusual times. a live in man and the just liberated city kids thanks for coalition airstrikes that have helped give rebels seeking to unseat khaddafi the chance to regroup. a successful weekend for the opposition. on sunday they also added a key oil town to their territory. democratic senator carl chairman of the armed services committee, had this to say about who ultimately will decide the nation's future. >> the beginning of libya can remove their dictator. we're not going to be the ones to remove him. >> a president barack obama will >> on america's involvement monday evening. as the white house seeks to answer those that the mission is not clearly defined. john mccain had this to say about his expectations for the president's remarks. >> on one hand is its humanitarian, on the other hand they say khaddafi must go. i hope the president
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will clarify. >> nato announced it will take over the entire libya admission from the enforcement no-fly zone, to the protection of civilians. believe to be threatened by loyalists troops. barbara hall, kron 4 news. >>vicki: you think your save the crosswalk, we sent stanley roberts to one bay area city where drivers are behaving badly when it comes to people on foot. more >>vicki: rain falling tonight but the weather will get a whole lot better starting tomorrow. i will have the forecast for you. when he tries to use his miles. ♪ that's a lot of red tape! step on it! [ tires screech ] ♪ i can't escape the red tape! now you can with rapid rewards! come on! [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪
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>>vicki: city's deficit is expected to exceed $105 million next year. the mayor says that means layoffs and cuts. one way the city's expenses cuts is the our cities as traffic lights. kron 4 daniel explains. >>reporter: here you could
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see which lights are not operational even during the day. it's like this marked with an ax that up and turned off. close to 1000 lights and offices the summer of 2008. it is saving the city $77,000 a year. it cost the city of 04 million dollars a year to keep the street lights lit. it's the department of transportation's biggest expense. but was top consideration when selecting which like to turn off. let's near bus stops and pedestrian areas were left on, as well as near industrial and retail areas where safety is a concern. the cities contemplating whether to turn off more like is a good idea, as a look to many possibilities to close the budget gap. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>brian: another wet night in san francisco, look out, you have to watch out for the traffic. especially and every night like this. if we have laid rain and fog run the bay area tonight. that's
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the good news, it's light rain and we picked up a few hundredths of an inch for tonight. temperatures in the '50s right now, san francisco right now at 50 degrees, 53 livermore, send a clear what the warmer spots. here is storm tracker 4 radar, were looking very light rain, notice is just the blue and green colors for this evening. it indicates it a gentle precipitation here. were mainly focused toward the east bay and the south bay. the heaviest rain from the system is to the north of the bay area and into the sierra tonight. chains are required tonight, but have a 50 so far ok no restrictions. snowfall amounts in the past seven days have been incredible. some places getting between 10 to 15 ft. of snow. kirkwood got more than 15 ft. of new snow in the past
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seven days. as we go into this week, were going to get a break. the storms are shutting down. tomorrow look for partly sunny skies, a weak system are arriving for tuesday that will bring a sector clouds. no rain forecast or snow. the sun been getting more into midweek possibly close to 60 degrees for lake tahoe by wednesday. here's future cast a 10:00 p.m.. if there the clouds and light rain. all of the should be done just after midnight for tonight. we still study skies and to the morning. the clouds will clear rapidly for the day, by the late morning in early afternoon i think completely clear skies with maybe a few clouds and temperatures warming up. in the morning we will of the readings in the forties. up to 40 san francisco in oakland. by the afternoon upper 50s san francisco but 60s pretty much everywhere we from the coast. at 66 san jose, and mid 60s for the east bay and its even warmer for the
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middle to late part of this week. in fact, perhaps even some '80s inland and by thursday. you will see lots of sunshine after a few sprinkles possibly on tuesday for the north bay. warm tablatures everywhere through the end of the week in it's looking good for the a's home opener on friday. >>vicki: u.s. regulators will scrutinwatch the sales of s phone. it could be good news for consumers. gabe slate tells us why. >>gabe: at&t is buying t mobile for a cash stock deal worth $39 billion. it will make at&t the largest telephone carrier in the u.s.. this acquisition would give at&t hundred 29 million at wireless subscribers, put them ahead of verizon who has a brown 102 million. % of u.s. mobile phones. here's what t mobile and
9:21 pm
at&t customers need to know. if the deal is to be approved by regulators in washington d.c.. if the fcc in the part of justice have to sign on it. they may turn it down. if it gives at&t to much power and control of the market. if this deal may not go through. if it does, it will take one year to be approved officially go through. in the immediate future, at&t in t mobile customer will see no change to their service. when and if this deal goes through its principal lot of questions that we don't know the answers to yet. it will improve reception and performance? the combination of these two networks, it should it should greatly improve both networks at the combine. that could be a good thing for at&t in t mobile customers. what about those cheap t mobile wireless lans? they offer much cheaper plan is then at&t in and verizon. it's likely these would go away. t mobile and at&t have set
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up a page on the web with facts about the merger with common questions and answers that consumers might have. to check this a lot of and look for news links section. kate slate, kron 4 news. come >>vicki: another quick action on the alert in japan. were showing you how japan is responding. stanley roberts is the streets and one peninsula city to find out why some people are putting pedestrians in peril.
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>>pam: now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >>stanley: (sirens)
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>>stanley: police conducted the city of belmont. a town that averages three pedestrian collisions per from belmont, foster city, millbrae, berlin game, san sheriff's office. a police decoys' simply walks back and forth across the street and the crosswalk to see if drivers will stop. some drivers did stop, there were quite a few that did not. >> a pedestrian violation back there, did you see the crosswalk? >>stanley: took place at multiple locations around belmont. when pedestrians cross the street you have to stop. >>stanley: officers also set up another location, that one ended abruptly. when this suv rear ended this pickup truck because the pickup truck stopped for the pedestrian but the s u v did not. another location was at elmer street. >> i stopped you for violating the pedestrian walkway. >>stanley: worst of all locations was at el camino
9:27 pm
real where it was a virtual congo line of violators. watch how many cars pass this decoy standing in a clearly marked crosswalk. in the end, 93 drivers were stopped and another 70 were issued tickets all for failing to yield to people in a crosswalk. in belmont, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron we'll be right back. coming up look at the latest as the earth continues to move in japan. we talked to britney spears fans lined up to see the pop star in san francisco. plus we show you not one cake but to different cakes for the upcoming royal wedding. along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer
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clause >>vicki: live in san francisco today, the rainy
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sheen could be dried up in the coming days. if ryan has good weather news for us. >>brian: warmer weather coming up, the rain will end and will see a lot of sunshine and will feel like spring around here as we head into the first week of april starting friday. retail a few showers and light rain sprinkles around the bay area. the shows the rain is not heavy whatsoever. it's the heaviest in the north they about a quarter to a half- inch in some spots. all the significant rain has been well to the north of the bay area. you really get a lot of rain today. we have been scared for the most part from the system. the same will be true for the system coming tuesday. all of the rain forecast to be north of the bay. tonight at midnight, partly cloudy skies there may be a lingering shower or sprinkle left over. i think everything will be pretty much done after midnight tonight. were waking up to
9:31 pm
mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, mostly sunny to war with temperatures warming up to the '60s for tuesday, which are of cats and sunshine. it will see the clouds from the weather system rolling through tuesday. perhaps a few sprinkles for the north bay but that's it. wednesday, sunny and warmer with highs into the '70s. possibly into the 80s in some spots by the end of the week. >>vicki: in san paulo they have issued an emergency declaration as much closes in on homes there. kron 4 jerad still shows us the trouble the slowly approaches. >>j.r. stone: some evacuations are still in order here in san pablo, the fact that nobody has been hurt is good news. look behind me, you can see there are still big problems. i want to show you this house. the folks who live here have not been evacuated, but look at there back porch in you can see that it something that could
9:32 pm
change. i showed you the fence a minute ago, it is sideways and goes to she is one of several people in st. paul blow households or forced to evacuate after thursday's landside. in fact you can even walk to or backyard because of the mud that has taken over the patio and it seems to be getting closer by the hour. sunday those with the city cut down several sliding trees. one of which that came dangerously close to her home. >> i am praising god that they have the tree that will stick our house didn't hit our house. >> she said she's also been calls for her family a group was that the data loading boxes, trucks and u-haul school for belonging to. >> very helpful and right on time. >> and i love carrying out mattresses. everybody pitched in even strangers i didn't even know. people
9:33 pm
from different churches came by and offered their services. i'm just praising god for that. the good >>j.r. stone: news is rain stopped for a portion of the day on sunday, the bad news is neighbors tell me this area behind me is still sliding. reporting in san pablo, kron 4 news. >>vicki: the earthquake struck japan and triggering a tsunami of layard. the 6.5 magnitude quake struck this afternoon off the coast of japan's largest island. that is the same coastline that took the brunt of the 9.0 magnitude quake that hit earlier. if there were no reports of injuries or damage to today. if the tsunami was alerted in japan only not in the u.s.. radiation levels in the nuclear power plants in the water is thousands of times higher than usual. if paul tells us how japanese authorities are responding. >> if there's been some confused this sunday as to
9:34 pm
how much radiation levels have spiked at the nuclear power plant in japan. the company in charge of the site, saying that they believe the levels of radioactive iodine in the turbine building of reactors three were significantly higher. they said there were 10 million t fire that would you'd usually expect on a normal day in the system. several hours later we heard from japan's nuclear and industrial safety agency, they said those " for strange in a bit odd. they said they understood it would reevaluate the figures and take the samples once again. certainly this is quite confusing for an already confused a japanese public. the japanese public and the world are relying on these two bodies for all the information they need as to what exactly is happening within the nuclear plant.
9:35 pm
also, we understand that radiation levels have spiked in the sea water just off the coast where the nuclear plant is based. we understand, levels of radiation are more than 1800 times higher than they would ordinarily be. officials still believe that the levels of radiation in the sea water will pose a risk to humans. they also believe will post much of risk to aquatic life. >>vicki: nuclear leak has reached across the pacific ocean to the u.s. and lead to coast. in massachusetts this had increased levels of radiation, the state health department says it likely came from the nuclear plant. problems. it will continue testing for several days. the nuclear the milk down pratt continues persius the 30's what they were more prepared for possible nuclear crisis. >>reporter: the destruction
9:36 pm
this not because we got a nuclear power plants is clear. what's not clear is whether the the nuclear plant could of predicted this. when seismic researcher says yes. telling cnn he warned then two years is evidence of an earthquake and tsunami in the same area in the year 1869. yes the safety committee to consider this one and learning how to protect the plant. >> my institute has been researching, based on the state that it indicates there is huge tsunami that occurred previously. >> he heads of the national research institute said that tenneco decided to focus on a 1938 earthquake in which one person died and he said it will barely mentioned as tsunami threat to in all meetings. tenneco has not responded to those allegations and although they hold press conferences
9:37 pm
day and night, direct questions are rarely match with direct answers. >> at his press conference or reporters repeatedly asked why there were no preparations for such a big tsunami to head. the call the tax code of apologize. the japanese government has toltec go to be open and transparent so as not to lose the public's trust. the government itself has not escaped criticism. sent to the approval of the way they have handled the crisis according to a poll by the news agency. >> to this man says i will forgive the government for hiding information and the tyranny of the power company. i'm protesting it because the government is not taking action. this man tells me i can understand the situation, because the earthquake and tsunami combined there's nothing they could do. sematech so informations is even being publicly questioned by japan's nuclear safety agency, several hours after tyco announced levels of
9:38 pm
iodine 134 in the turbine room of reactor to were 10 million times higher than normal. japan's nuclear safety agency said, we feel the data made public by tackle today it is a bit strange and a bit odd. i have been told tech coach is going to reevaluate the numbers. confusing an already confused public. paula, cnn, tokyo. >>vicki: barry bonds trial starts up again tomorrow. for what issue you key witnesses that could prove bad for the former player. and coming up britney spears in the spirit of for fans. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>vicki: several key witnesses are expected to take the stand in the barry bonds for jury trial that includes the former giants club posclubhouse manager. and n ex-girlfriend. kron 4 tells
9:42 pm
us what is said in court treated >>dan: they point out inconsistencies between his testimony and prior statements he made. among them were whether bonds told hoskins he was reported to authorities for fraud. just what a sister kathy told him about same bonds being injected. hoskins to testify after bonds had elbow surgery. his physician told him " this can only be caused by steroids. prosecutors later had hoskins clarified that while he did sign on signature least once, he did so with funds permission. the next prosecution witness was dr. larry bowers. the chief science officer with the anti doping agency. he testified over the years designer steroids have become more popular is more athletes try to build muscle and avoid detection. he testified the side effects include acme, bloating,
9:43 pm
boldness, excess of body hair, and shrinking of the testicles. excess of steroid use this link to anchor known as road rage. he also suggested human growth hormone can lead to a large body parts including head, hands and feet. if during cross-examination for the suggested there's none of studies to prove his opinions. as expected future witnesses will take the stand and say that barry bonds exhibited any of the side effects that hours talked about. the federal courthouse in san francisco, dan curman kron 4 news. >>vicki: calendar of our wedding is just weeks away. stay tuned which he the cake's been served up by the happy couple. >>brian: between two to 3
9:44 pm
in. between a lot of places but finally break is on the way, i will tell you about that coming up next.
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>>vicki: we have all kinds of decisions to make when you go to a wedding, i guess britain's royal wedding will be another question to ponder, chocolate or fruit? max previews the cakes and spoke with the designer. (music) >>reporter: she is famous for her fruitcakes and has a famous to match. what was it like to get a call from the palace? >> it was terribly exciting. i was overwhelmed, i felt privileged, excited and daunted. all look the same time. >>reporter: know exactly what she wanted. >> she had quite a few ideas and told us as to how
9:48 pm
she would like a wedding cake to be. quite traditional, but with a modern twist. this >>reporter: wedding cake will be a classic design, no color just cream and white with carefully considered the laurel decorations. each with a meaning. >> she selected most everything. the rose symbolizes happen is, the oak and a corn symbolizes strength and endurance. we have a long list. a lot of these are actually within the architecture of the palace. >>reporter: william it is actually been working on his own cake as well. a break from tradition, he is apt to going to have a grown cake. guess what? it's made of chocolate cookies. the rich
9:49 pm
tea biscuits, mixed with chocolate sauce into a cake mix, that william has grown up with. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. absolutely delighted. we ran asked by the palace if we would make a cake that was one of prince william's favorite cakes. it is the palace's recipe and they swore need to secrecy. it's going to be covered in chocolate decoration. absolutely beautiful. >>reporter: will have multiple tiers and it will be big enough for the 600 guest to have the size of each. as to what it will look like, that's a surprise. >>brian: here we are in san francisco, market street and he went plaza we have had but what they're but i am told is just come to an end. we've only had five hundreds of an inch so far this evening. with all the rain we've seen in the past seven days, anything additional
9:50 pm
can really cause flooding problems. for surely tonight that's not the case. look of the rainfall amounts from the past seven days. these are some of the highest i've seen. boulder creek between eight and 9 in. of rain in the past seven days. that leads to flooding. in the north bay and sonoma county hills close to 7 in.. and about 5 in. in marin county. a lot of rain, but it's all coming to an end up starting tonight. we have light sprinkles out there that's beginning to taper off after midnight. all this rain will be over and that will lead up to a mostly sunny day tomorrow with warming temperatures getting into the upper 50s and low to mid '60's. it will slow the warm-up, tuesday a little bit warmer still. there is a weather system that will
9:51 pm
slide by tuesday however, were just going to get crushed with the tail wind of it. look for clouds and maybe a couple sprinkles for the north bay. temperatures getting a few degrees warmer, low 60s san francisco, close to 70 for concord in san jose. by the end of the week, we may have '70's even 80s in the bay area especially inland. here at 10:00 p.m., there are the light showers and sprinkles that they are pretty much done by 1:00 a.m.. still plows left over for tomorrow morning. a lot of low clouds hanging out. they will clear through the course of an morning, fine tune into the afternoon we're looking mostly sunday, clouds free, or rain free and generally nice spring weather coming up. temperatures, in the forties. 48 oakland, san francisco look for highs in the low to mid '60's just about everywhere with the exception of the coast. it
9:52 pm
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, there's a slight chance for sprinkles in the north bay. other that partly to mostly sunny with warm temperatures coming our way. great weather for the a's home opener on friday. >>vicki: mariah carey is hospitalized. with the kid at the box office. >>reporter: is with this one is that i do, the actress was married in a private ceremony at her california ranch saturday. she exchanged vows with agent tim. people this report celebrity guests included sean penn, scarlett johansson and robert downey jr.. right carried nearly had a special delivery on her birthday. the singer and actress was pregnant with twins, said on twitter that she started having contractions ahead of a hospital saturday. she twisted she was able to go home after the contractions were under control. she said the twin still have a few weeks to go. the with the kids sit amid a strong showing of the box office.
9:53 pm
the diary of law with the kid hit the top spot this weekend with 24.4 million in ticket sales. sucker punched fought for never to the fantasy action flick that chop up $90 million at the box office. last week's number one of them limit lips came third. the thriller starring brad the cooper plan and estimated $14.2 million. >>vicki: fans of britney spears line the streets in san francisco today. coming up will show you why the pop star's fans were so excited at the civic center concert.
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9:56 pm
was all about britney spears and san francisco today. hundreds of fans awaited and a long line that stretched almost three blocks. this was all to see the pop superstar's free concert. another show before latest album. fans came first come first serve to
9:57 pm
get in. >> she is amazing i've actually seen her before. >> she sensational person for all of us. >> i'm super excited to see her, for any has been out of the scene for so long, this is her big come back and more all super pump to be here. >> on excited i was hoping it would be in the castro because it would of been, it wasn't perfect. >> the concert was planned to be outside of the castro theater but then changed because of the weather. the other star in san francisco today, the sound it made an appearance. >> >>brian: reflate. for going to see more of it though. i am super excited about it. it is looking great. maybe a sprinkle passing by tuesday, otherwise mostly sunny week and look at those temperatures. '70's by the bay may be even '80s inland by thursday. >>vicki: that's the best
9:58 pm
news we've heard all week. it will be back at 11:00, hope to see you then. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members earn up to triple points this spring. details at
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